5 Great Reasons I Write Early In The Morning

5 Great Reasons I Write Early In The Morning

Finding time to write is one of the biggest challenges for any writer. Having the habit of writing daily is very important to keep your skills and mind sharp.

While I can write any time of the day or night I often find writing at ‘stupid o’clock’ in the morning helps build up my daily word count.

Here’s five reasons you might like to consider for writing in the morning rather than any other time of the day:

1 – Fewer distractions

Writing while the world is sleeping is a fantastic way to rid yourself of distraction. At 5am or 6am (or even earlier) means the spouse, kids and even your pets are all asleep – there’s 90 % of distractions cut out with one simple slash.

Not only that your social media will hardly have changed since you checked last night so no nagging feeling you need to check your Facebook or Twitter pages.

The telephone rarely rings before 6am and if it does you probably should answer anyway, a pre-dawn phone call usually pretty important.

You’re even up before the postman so you won’t be disturbed by him knocking on your door with a package from Amazon.

2 – You always have time to fix any errors or make alterations should you need to

Because you are starting to write earlier it should mean you have more time to fix those little errors that you might otherwise have to postpone until later if you were more pressed for time.

3 – The dawn chorus is your friend

Personally speaking I love the feeling of working on something I love while the sun just creeps above the horizon and the birds start to sing outside my window.

Call me a helpless romantic but it’s a magical time of the day and something worth seeing.

If this happens with a large portion of your workload under your belt then the rising sun appears all the sweeter.

4 – The feel-good factor

It’s great feeling that a job that sometimes can feel like a chore is over and done with before most people have even started their working day.

The feeling you get when completing your writing for the day before the world is barely staring leaves you with a wonderful glow, it’s a kind of ‘high’ similar to that experienced by someone who completes a workout. You now feel awake, glowing and ready for the rest of your day ahead.

5 – The rest of the day if your own

Your work is done for the day so now you can get on with all the other tasks you have to complete elsewhere in your life.

You now also have the added advantage of being able to write even more later in the day should the urge take you.

There we have it, just some of the reasons you should try writing early in the morning to boost your creativity.

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