Is The Pandemic A Hoax?

Is The Pandemic A Hoax?

Is the COVID-19 pandemic a hoax?

MY OPINION (from FACTS I know):
I don’t blindly follow the media, the government or social media ‘experts’. I can only count on what I witness first hand as someone who runs a local funeral home in South Tyneside, England.

If you don’t think the pandemic is serious (or even real) then I have one simple fact for you:

In the first six months of 2020 I saw an unprecedented 100% increase in the number of deceased passing through my care compared to the same time in 2019. Yes, the number of deaths and distraught families I dealt with DOUBLED between January and June of 2020*. These are real people I have had to deal with and not just anonymous statistics.

I maintain there is no other evidence required, for me at least, to confirm the pandemic and it’s intrinsic dangers are no hoax.

Fortunately I’m, at the time of writing, unaware of anyone personally in my own circle who has died of COVID and if I didn’t work in the funeral business full time as a day job I would be sceptical too but these figures are true – I KNOW FIRST HAND without depending on anyone else to tell me.

My funeral home was exceptionally busy in the first part of 2020 and slowly eased off to normal levels during lockdown BUT it began to increase again as we came out of lockdown, most noticeably when the pubs reopened (sorry everyone but it’s true) and when the public transport began to get busy again.

The death rate I deal with isn’t back to the levels it was during the spring/summer but it is heading back that way.

One final point, the company I work for has 6 funeral homes with mine being one of the LEAST busy and the upward trend was noticeable in all of the other homes too.

People say to me as a funeral worker, “Oh you must be rubbing your hands together!” and I reply, ”Yes I am, frequently and with plenty of soap or hand gel on them.”

Despite what people may think, funeral workers hate this pandemic too and we don’t like seeing what the families have to go through during these awful times and we hate telling them they can’t have the funeral they would like.

That’s why we want to see an end to this pandemic but it won’t happen while people deny its existence and/or simply can’t be bothered to follow the guidelines.

I strongly believe through simple evidence I have personally collated there is a pandemic and we need to stick together and follow the guidelines whether they are an inconvenience or not.

PLEASE keep the social distancing, PLEASE Wash your hands properly and often and PLEASE wear a face covering (CORRECTLY) whenever possible, especially in public buildings and on public transport.

P.S. This is not a cut and paste job, it’s an honest post from me Colin Lawson, working as a funeral worker in South Tyneside and Wearside.

If you wish to say I am incorrect please feel free to do so but you too require PERSONALLY acquired and tangible data if you hope to change my views.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

I would love you to leave your own comments on this subject.



Note: This rant is inspired by a post I recently made on social media concerning people who believe the pandemic to be a hoax. I know this rant isn’t strictly related to the usual content of my website and may divide the audience but it feels so important I simply had to say something, even if it’s for no other reason than for the sake of my rocketing blood pressure.

*Figures derived from a personally maintained record of funerals handled by the funeral company I am employed by, specifically the branch I run.

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