New Website Design

New Website Design

Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed changes on the website recently.

The entire site has been moved to brand new servers and a new design has been implemented.

While the look of the site is based on the previous design (because we loved it so much) there have been a few tweaks and changes to improve the site’s functionality and provide a quality experience for you. Some changes you will notice but there are even more hidden behind the scenes to streamline and generally improve stuff.

You’ll notice faster loading times, SSL protection for your security, new features regularly added and better functionality across a range of desktop and mobile devices.

It’s always exciting to have a new website, even more so when it combines new technology with a familiar look and feel. However, the way people use the internet is constantly changing. With this is mind we aimed for the updated site to feel familiar while offering improved functionality on whichever device you use.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance your visits so feel free to contact us and offer suggestions for further improvements or point out any errors or omissions. Thanks 🙂

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