Video: Stephen King, His Books, and Their Origins at Lisner Audiotorium

Video: Stephen King, His Books, and Their Origins at Lisner Audiotorium

If you’re looking for help with anything, on any subject, it’s always best to seek out the advice of an expert, some who can demonstrate their expertise.

So, if you need help with writing horror who do you seek out? Who better than the master of horror, Stephen King?

How about an hour and twenty minutes of pure gold from a writing genius? Are you up to it?

Here it is and you’ll love what King has to say. How did he get his inspiration for his many works of fiction and how did he turn them around to make his stories?

Also, how many question marks can I squeeze into the beginning of this post?

Thanks to the people at the Politics and Prose YouTube channel, we can absorb some wise and inspirational words that are pure gold for any writer at any stage of their career.

Grab a refreshing beverage of your choice, put up your feet and ENJOY!

With no further ado, let’s watch and listen to the master…

Stephen King, His Books, and Their Origins at Lisner Audiotorium

Text from Politics and Prose YouTube channel:
Think of the many different meanings of revival—and you’ll still be amazed by what King, author of more than 50 worldwide bestsellers, has in store in his latest supernatural mystery-thriller, Revival. The strange haunting of Jamie Morton begins when he’s a boy and his town’s new minister pays a call. The shadow cast that day will stretch long, for both Jamie and his family. Only decades later, when he’s a burned-out, strung-out musician can Jamie face the full extent of what the Revd. Charles Jacobs has done to his life.
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