What Stops You Writing Your First Book?

What Stops You Writing Your First Book?

So you’re yearning to write a book but still haven’t done it. WHY NOT?

Almost every would-be writer finds reasons why they can’t write their book rather than actually getting on with it.

There is a brave minority who simply throw caution to the wind and get on with it regardless of their fears.

It’s the brave minority who actually produce their books and can truly call themselves a writer.

What are common reasons people never write their book?

I’m Not Good Enough

The first thing that prevents someone from starting to write is the fear, feeling or belief that they simply aren’t up to the task. Let’s get this out of the way right now…

…if you have a story you’re yearning to tell and it is so important you want to put it down onto paper then there’s someone out there who will want to read it. How many people will want to read depends upon the subject but you’ll never know the answer until the job is done and your book is out there.

Even if you’ve never written before, the simple act of getting your story down onto the page (or computer screen) will allow you to gain new skills and sharpen any skills you presently possess.

Remember, nobody will read what you have written until you are happy enough to share it so you have nothing to lose by starting to write now – yes, today!

I’m Too Young/Old To Write A Book

Whether you are nine years old or ninety-nine years old the time is right for you to start writing today. Everyone has a story.

Yes experience in life will increase the amount of stories you have to tell but even children in a kindergarten are able to share stories with their friends when they barely have the ability to talk, not to mention their severe lack of life-experiences.

A quick word for those who feel they are too old to begin writing their first book – THAT’S RUBBISH!

Mary Wesley (The Camomile Lawn) wrote her first novel at the age of 70 years old and went on to sell over 3 million copies of her books including ten best sellers.

Frank McCourt had his first book, Angela’s Ashes published at the age of 66 after he retired from being a teacher.

In fact, Steig Larsson had his novel, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo published in 2005 – a year after his death (aged 40) in 2004.

So clearly you’re never too old – even death need not be an obstacle.

Older authors have an enormous amount of fascinating experience and skills already and have the widest range of inspiration available in their own head with which to form, mould and create a story nobody else could write.

I’m Not Computer Literate

While a computer word processor will make your writing task much simpler due to the ability to produce, edit, delete and move around the text on the page quickly and easily this is not your only option. There’s always a way to overcome the need for a computer. Heck, some people I know still use a typewriter.

If you can’t use mechanical or digital means to work on your book then use good old fashioned pen/pencil and paper, authors have successfully used basic tools for centuries.

If you use pen and paper it may will also help to have a friend, or even hire someone, to transcribe your scribbling to a pristine printed manuscript once your book is complete.

I Don’t Have Time To Write

This is the one single reason preventing more people from writing than any other.

To be a writer I believe you should spend at least 1 hour every single day writing. I can hear you gasping as you read this and I know some of you will have a sinking feeling in your stomach hearing this. That’s impossible for you right? After all I don’t know about your hectic life.

Well, guess what…

…very few writers have time to write, particularly first time writers. This is the main reason preventing 99 % of would be authors becoming the 1 % who are authors.

Not having enough time to write is actually the false perception that there is not enough time to write.

Most people have other things to do in life but how important your book is to you will directly affect whether or not you have enough time to write it.

After all, we find time in our busy lives to eat, sleep, shower and clean our teeth. Why? Because we’ve always done it and manage our time to do such tasks every single day of our lives.

These things are important to us or in the case of eating and sleeping they are vital, not doing them is usually not an option.

Writers who finish their books look upon the act of sitting down and actually writing as important to them as the more commonplace necessities in life, even if it means sacrifice in other aspects of their lives such as watching TV, surfing the internet or time spent playing around with a mobile phone.

If you think you don’t have time to write you should create a diary of your activities every day for a week it two, the diary should be complete with the amount of time you spent on each activity. You’ll soon discover times you could spend writing. It may involve some sacrifices but the time will be there to find. The sacrifices could include things mentioned above or even something as simple as getting out of bed a little earlier or going to bed slightly later – anyone who knows me will tell you I love writing very late at night or really early in the morning.

Always remember the act of writing is the single most vital part of producing your own book. Obviously, if you don’t write there will never be a book. To write a book you need to show up.

Hopefully this article will give you an insight into reasons people never manage to write the book they would love to write and I hope it will allow you to change your perspective and start you on your own writing path.

You can always find reasons not to write and some of them may seem compelling and insurmountable but it’s all about your commitment. It’s all about how committed you are to getting your beautiful book out of your head and onto the page.

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