As Much Reading As You Can Handle – FREE!

As Much Reading As You Can Handle – FREE!

If you love books, whether they are fiction or non-fiction, it can become a rather expensive hobby for avid readers such as myself.

You can of course visit your local library (if the library near you hasn’t been closed down) but if you want to read books and keep those you really enjoy that’s when it becomes costly.

Fear not dear reader for I have discovered a huge free source of ebooks for your enjoyment.

Visit ( and discover the huge range of ebooks on offer com-pletely free, there’s even a fine selection of audio books too.

If you like what you see there is an option to become a full VIP member for life with a small one-off payment with a raft of benefits for doing so, benefits such as downloading various formats to read across your electronic devices should you so wish.

Don’t worry though, even if you don’t pay a single penny you will still be able to access the massive range of books on offer, download them and read them at your leisure. You can even keep the books you really like with nothing to pay.

Sure, as with any free ebook site there are some real stinkers on offer but what sets apart from the crowd is the number of hidden gems you’re sure to find hidden amongst the dross.

So whether you’re looking for a raunchy erotica type novel to offer some spicy thrills or a text book on Sociology to help get you through that important exam you’ll probably find something to sate your appetites. The range of topics covered in both fiction and non-fiction is pretty special.

It’s hugely exciting and rewarding to discover what is on offer and find some true nuggets of brilliant writing for the princely sum of nothing.

I’ve discovered the website many years ago and have been a’Lifetime VIP Member’ for a number of years now, yes

I spent some of my own hard earned pennies to help support the site and get the most from what it has to offer.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t spend money unless I feel I’m getting great value.

Now go and check it out at

You’re welcome!

All I personally ask is if you find to be a site you use time and time again please look into ways you can support the site to keep it running.

NOTE* I have not received any rewards or enticements, whether financial or otherwise, from anyone to write this post. I simply found the website in question hugely useful and wanted to share it with you dear reader.

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