Video: The Man Who Made Witchcraft (Pagan Documentary) – WICCA

Video: The Man Who Made Witchcraft (Pagan Documentary) – WICCA

A fascinating documentary from 2011 about Gerald Gardner (13 June 1884–12 February 1964) and the religion he created in England during the 1940s – Wicca.

Personally, I feel this documentary would be better titled, ‘The Man Who Made WICCA’. Anyone in the know will tell you witchcraft predates Wicca by quite some time and while the two compliment one another, they are separate entities. Then again, the followers of Wicca are used to non-believers holding misconceptions about them. Some of these misconceptions may be addressed in the video.

It is also worth noting that this documentary can also be found on YouTube under various titles and with various edits. The other versions include, ‘Britain’s Wicca Man’ and ‘A very British Religion’.

The version I present here offers the best video and audio quality I could find despite it’s inaccurate titling and possibly being actually called ‘Britain’s Wicca Man‘.

Whatever the case, if you are interested in Wicca, this is a documentary worthy of your time.

The Man Who Made Witchcraft (Pagan Documentary) | Timeline

Text from Timeline – World History Documentaries YouTube channel:

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Britain’s Wicca Man tells the extraordinary story of Britain’s fastest growing religious group – Wicca – and of its creator, an eccentric Englishman called Gerald Gardner.

Historian and leading expert in Pagan studies, Professor Ronald Hutton, explores the unlikely origins of modern pagan witchcraft and experiences first hand its growing influence throughout Britain today.

Gardner’s story and the story of Wicca itself is a bizarre one. The film tells of a peculiar man who saw that the world was ready for a new religion based on magic, sex, nature and ritual – and gave it to us. Documentary first broadcast in 2011.

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